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Stay Protected from the Risks of Data Breach: Here’s How

17 August 2018

Stay Protected from the Risks of Data Breach: Here’s How

Whether you own and operate a large corporation or a small, startup business, data breaches are becoming a growing issue throughout the United States. As reports indicated in 2014, the U.S. witnesses a record high of 783 data breaches and since 2005, an astonishing 675 million records have been exposed by unwanted sources. Furthermore, the healthcare, business and governmental industries have been targeted the most by data breaches. Unfortunately with each new year, more Americans are being victimized by hackers through cyberattacks.  With many companies experiencing financial losses and some having to file for bankruptcy, as a business owner, one of your biggest duties is to ensure the security and well-being of confidential information.

data breach

What can you do to protect you and your staff from a possible data breach?

Be sure that any unneeded, sensitive data – both on physical paper and on other media material, such as computer hard drives – should be properly shredded. Using a typical in-house office shredder will limit the about of paper you can destroy at one time, which will remove you or anyone from your staff from completing other important work tasks. You will also be unable to shred certain items like tapes and CD-ROMs. Hiring a professional shredding company will ensure that all documents, records and material are completely destroyed, leaving no data to be recovered. As a records management company, NRC uses the best document destruction technology while following strict state and federal rules and regulations.


Furthermore, ask yourself what information you really need to keep and what documents you should be destroying securely. Documents and records you should consider shredding include tax records, bank statements, sales forecasts and customer lists. With the private documents that you do need to keep, make sure you have access to secure, lockable cabinets and consoles. Once paper is disposed in these bins, records remain untouched until they are collected for shredding.
Next, it is critical that you make an effort to manage all in-house media. When you are not using your computer, check that all media devices are removed, like USB keys and DVDs. If you have to transport your data, verify that all data has been encrypted successfully. We recommend that you stay away from using a Wi-Fi network when transmitting your information. Maintain restrictions in regards to computer access by only allowing staff who requires certain sensitive business files, the ability to do so.


While you should set up difficult passwords that are difficult to crack, think beyond passwords. In other words, stay away from repeated passwords and do your best to change them on a regular routine. To improve your online security for your work business accounts, set security questions with answers that only you should know. This will help to verify your identity when you access your online accounts.


Lastly, be sure you have implemented a strong anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your company’s computers. Hackers will use spyware software to retrieve your data without you even realizing it is taking place. With the right anti-virus and anti-spyware software in place, you will lower the risk of a cyber-attack substantially.


At the end of the day, it is smart to be prepared for the unknown. Regardless of what steps you and your employees make to reduce the chances of a data breach, there is always a small possibility that something could in fact, still occur.  Keep in mind that data breaches are unpredictable and they can happen at any time.


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