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Are You a Start-Up Business? Make Sure to Practice These Security Tips

25 July 2018

Are You a Start-Up Business? Make Sure to Practice These Security Tips

It’s no real surprise that smaller companies sometimes lack security measures because it’s assumed only larger corporations require strict security processes, and that they aren’t a target of such an issue. Sadly, these exact companies are the same ones who are affected by fraudulent acts such as information theft. Cyber criminals specifically go after small companies because they are an easier target.

start up company security tips

With this in mind, it is critical that your business considers improving the security of its workplace for the safety of its employees and to prevent the possibility of data breach. Yes; data breach is real and it can be extremely costly financially and to your reputation as well. Small start-up companies can be far more vulnerable to such a crime as often you’re just beginning to establish your business in the community and are focused on building clientele. The problem is a data breach or information theft can be a challenge to bounce back from; be sure you are taking the necessary measures to stay as secure as possible.


Which information security practices are suggested for start-up companies in Dallas?

  • Determine and Understand Your Legal Obligations
    Always thoroughly research the state and federal privacy laws that apply directly to your business. Keep in mind that ensuring that the data security you have in place is sufficient, is ultimately your legal duty as a business owner.
  • Create a Security Policy and Have it in Writing
    Create a detailed document that includes the importance of securing sensitive information both in and outside of the office. Don’t forget to address suggestions for your mobile workforce as well.
  • Implement Proper Document Management Processes
    Only obtain and store data that is crucial and of importance to your company, and be sure access to these records is monitored always for security reasons. You should also have adequate processes in place for effective data backup as well. Always maintain a current and updated list of inventory such as any documents that are considered private. Documents should be clearly labelled according to their appropriate destruction date; do this for electronic records as well as paper documents.
  • Ensure IT Protection is in Place
    Check that your business has the latest technological safeguards installed to prevent and/or stop suspicious malware or viruses.
  • Provide Adequate Training and Knowledge for Your Staff
    Always provide ongoing training to your staff in relation to information security and tips to remain protected.
  • Reinforce the Need for Internal Security Measures
    We highly encourage you to adopt a policy which requires those visiting your office, to sign in. Be sure that there are locked collection containers present throughout your office, allowing your employees to easily dispose of records that will be picked up for shredding purposes. A Clean Desk Policy is a great consideration to remind employees how crucial it is that sensitive information remains secured at all times.
  • Perform Risk Assessments
    Create a Security Risk Assessment Schedule to learn whether or not there are security concerns in your business and what areas need extra consideration.

Turn to Professional Document Shredding

Hire a qualified and reputable shredding and document management company in Dallas, to carefully handle your sensitive information. NRC provides document shredding solutions to meet your document management needs and budget. Contact our team to find out how our services can assist in making your business more secure.