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The Consequences and Risks of Using an Office Shredder

22 June 2018

The Consequences and Risks of Using an Office Shredder

Keeping sensitive business matters undisclosed is perhaps of greater significance than ever before. While business owners and residents are becoming more educated on information security and the risk of theft, sadly the issue still remains and we continually hear about fraudulent cases and individuals being charged with information theft. The fact of the matter is that even as we are more informed, it does not mean we are protected; with that in mind, to combat this growing issue we need to take precautionary steps as a society to stay secure and minimize risk.

office shredder risks

Most organizations regardless of size, still record certain information on paper, jotting down customer information or marketing ideas and so forth. The concern here is that often this data involves information that should not be exposed or shared among those unauthorized to view it. While technology has enabled us to quickly and conveniently, communicate and record information electronically we cannot forget that paper remains to be a go-to resource for every day businesses.

If you discover you’re hanging on to irrelevant business records, this in itself could be a prospective security threat to your company. A great rule of thumb is to shred anything that is no longer needed or being referenced. With that said, too many companies are under the impression that their office shredder is more than capable of handling their shredding needs. The truth is, there are several hidden costs that are associated with this little device and they go beyond simply cost. Let’s take a closer look at why you should think twice about using that office shredder:

Did you know that shredding in-house can contribute to internal fraud?  Surprisingly, the 2015 Insider Threat Report from Vormetrics revealed that on a global level, 89% of companies believe they are susceptible to insider attacks.  Partnering with an information protection company such as National Records Centers ensures there is a secure chain of custody being followed at all times through scheduled shredding and one-time purge services. We help you protect all confidential business matters through the implementation of secure collection bins; these should be used at all times if and when confidential documents are no longer needed. Recycling bins offer no security over your information as someone can simply reach in and sort through your papers, removing what they wish. This could be a disaster for all parties involved as it lacks Starting a Shred All policy is also a smart and simple method that encourages document security in your office.

What’s the biggest issue with an office shredder? Generally speaking, companies lack a verification process while documents are shred, which is concerning. Privacy legislation mandates that timely document destruction is carried out, with considerable fines for failing to do so. A professional shredding company will end the service by presenting you with a Certificate of Destruction, outlining the process took place securely and by professionals. Almost half the respondents in Ponemon’s study hired a professional shredding business to look after their document shredding requirements because of the guaranteed compliance that’s met with in relation to privacy legislation.

In-house shredding can wind up costing you more than you think. For instance, you should consider the cost of the shredder itself, and in many situations companies need to purchase more than one shredder to meet the document disposal needs of their crazy schedule and large paper trail. An office shredder can only work if an employee is operating one, which of course translates to taking a staff member away from their job duty to instead shred your sensitive papers. Because these machines aren’t equipped to handle large volumes of paper and anything else besides paper, you must remove staples, paper clips, and rubber bands. Failing to do so will cause the machine to jam, costing you more headache and money.

Shredding can take a great deal of time because documents need to be separated into small, easily-shredded piles, and when the shredding container reaches capacity it than needs to be emptied. Each step of the process takes time and attention which results in more employee time. The reality is that your employees should be focusing on their job roles as they were hired to perform.

What’s a better option? Save time, money, and protect your business with professional services.

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