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26 October 2018

Tape Storage: How It Still Plays a Big Role in Modern Data Storage

With the incredible advancements that have been made in storage technology over the past couple of decades, it’s common to associate digital media storage with an SD card, or hard drive, or even a solid state drive. For consumers these are generally the most standard and common mediums for storing information electronically. For businesses with…

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19 September 2018

Here’s Why Your Business Should Seriously Pay Attention to its Backup Solutions

Computer networks have become commonplace in many large, medium, and even some small businesses in this day and age, but a surprising amount of businesses don’t realize the importance of having an effective backup solution and strategy. If you use computers for your work, you should be thinking about your backup solution. The idea behind…

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17 August 2018

Stay Protected from the Risks of Data Breach: Here’s How

Whether you own and operate a large corporation or a small, startup business, data breaches are becoming a growing issue throughout the United States. As reports indicated in 2014, the U.S. witnesses a record high of 783 data breaches and since 2005, an astonishing 675 million records have been exposed by unwanted sources. Furthermore, the…

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25 July 2018

Are You a Start-Up Business? Make Sure to Practice These Security Tips

It’s no real surprise that smaller companies sometimes lack security measures because it’s assumed only larger corporations require strict security processes, and that they aren’t a target of such an issue. Sadly, these exact companies are the same ones who are affected by fraudulent acts such as information theft. Cyber criminals specifically go after small…

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22 June 2018

The Consequences and Risks of Using an Office Shredder

Keeping sensitive business matters undisclosed is perhaps of greater significance than ever before. While business owners and residents are becoming more educated on information security and the risk of theft, sadly the issue still remains and we continually hear about fraudulent cases and individuals being charged with information theft. The fact of the matter is…

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