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23 September 2019

Unleash Your Office’s Potential Through Smart Information Management

One of the easiest places for office operations to become slow and bogged down is in records retrieval. Confusing systems of organization, complex chains of command, and mislabeled or missing files can bring an otherwise energetic workday to a full stop. The first step to establish a system that can work quickly and efficiently lies…

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08 August 2019

Hard Drive & Solid-State Drive: Which Is Best for You?

In the current age of technology there are so many buzzwords, terms and acronyms that it can be hard to keep up! Among the jumble of acronyms that you may have heard include “HDD” and “SSD”. It shouldn’t be surprising if these terms ring any bells: they represent two forms of an electronic component that…

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10 July 2019

Don’t Forget to Shred These Documents Too!

Information has always held high value to certain people depending on the information and how much value it had. In today’s world, consumer information has become a highly valuable commodity in the eyes of identity thieves who know how to use such information to their advantage. For consumers who are less educated about the risks…

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08 June 2019

Is Your Organization Prepared to Recover After a Disaster?

  Disaster planning is a critical part of just about any business. Having a plan to get back on your feet after a variety of different potential scenarios is vital to ensuring the long term success of your project, business or organization. Research over the years has made it clear that disaster recovery is something…

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10 May 2019

Has Your Workplace Gone Green Yet? Here’s Why It’s Important

Over the past decade sustainability and environmental awareness have grown in importance among both consumers and businesses. The importance of having clean water and air is obvious, and more and more consumers and businesses are starting to see that behaving in environmentally friendly ways not only helps to achieve this, but can also bring about…

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