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Failing to Shred Electronic Media: Could You Be at Risk

29 June 2017

Failing to Shred Electronic Media: Could You Be at Risk

The confidential information that can be found on one piece of paper does not even compare to the significant volume of data that can be stored on one single hard drive, tape, or even DVD. Unfortunately, even with this in mind, organizations are still disposing of old electronic media without having it destroyed properly first. Failing to have this material shredded will inevitably increase your risk of being targeted with information theft, leaving you vulnerable to data breach and other legal consequences. It is simply not worth chancing!

hard drives

Tossing electronic media directly into the trash can or recycling bin is a bad habit that invites concern.

Consequences can be substantial, such as:

Some businesses still believe that deleting a file off your computer surely means that it has been removed and deleted permanently for good; the opposite is actually true. “Deleted” data remains on your computer afterwards, and is much easier to retrieve than you probably think. Credit card numbers, medical files, email communication, and social security numbers have all been obtained from hard drives that were supposedly free of sensitive information.

  • There is no option to format your hard drive so that it’s wiped 100% clean.  Due to the fact that most corporate computers are full of tremendous sensitive information, choosing a method of data removal that promises permanency should be a top priority for your company.
  • The only dependable solution that permanently destroys your electronic data is through the use of hard drive destruction services. This method and only this method, guarantees total security over your critical data.

National Records Centers conducts hard-drive destruction services off-site at our shred facility.  Our hard-drive destruction equipment is strategically designed to assure guaranteed data removal, while meeting strict compliance standards for laws surrounding secure disposal of hard drives.

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